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Our Mission

We aim to create a community that transcends ourselves, where we can share our knowledge, advice, love, and expertise with others. By inspiring and empowering the generations to come, we can enrich our relationships and leave behind a true digital legacy for all to cherish.

We believe enriching one another™  to improve and grow is fundamental for positive change. Therefore, it is about getting back to basics to build a community invested in advising and enhancing vs. distracting and nonsense.

Enriching one another™

Self Improvement Has A Home.

Seek advice, inspiration, tips, and lessons for personal growth in areas that interest you, away from the nonsense and clutter.

Give Advice, Tips, Lessons & Inspire.

 Help others grow by sharing your knowledge, experience, and training. Your voice and advice matter to your followers regardless of numbers. Somebody can make an exact impact on 25 followers or 10,000 followers who honestly seek your knowledge—finally, an application focused where you can care about helping others develop.

Earn When Others Learn.

Freedom to accept donations for your knowledge. Get paid instantly, and you own 100% of your community.

Where Influencers
Become Sages

Are you an influencer feeling lost in a world of clutter, narcissism, and irrelevant content? It's time to share your advice, tips, or lessons with people who are seeking them. Join our community of positive content creators who are dedicated to improving the lives of others while also having the option to organize and monetize their content.

Family First

Any family member can set up a private group and record advice. Share for today with knowledge ranging from Grandma’s secret recipe to Parents’ advice to their children. Collect and Share for tomorrow, where the advice lives on after loved ones can no longer share their sageness. Your legacy is the knowledge you pass on and contribute to the future generation of growth.

Make An Impact

Coaches, mentors, and teachers are making a difference. Students of any age can now seek advice, and experts like you can share their wisdom with people actively seeking it.

Work...In Progress

Information sharing is essential in organizations. Take the opportunity to learn from your co-workers and build a successful team.


Build Each Other Up™

As a Sage, you possess specialized knowledge and expertise in a particular field, making your advice, tips, lessons, education or inspiration more impactful and beneficial to those seeking your guidance. Unlike social influencers who can reach a wide audience, your credibility and expertise can lead to long-lasting relationships built on trust. This allows you to make a meaningful impact by offering valuable insights, guidance, and personalized support to individuals or businesses. Being a Sage Advice Sage also enables you to focus on the depth of knowledge in your niche, making you a sought-after expert in your field and a valued member of our community.


Empowering  Encouragement


Share your knowledge, experience, and training, and interact with others through live conversation.


Remove yourself from the clutter and noise. Instead, find or post domain-specific advice, inspiration, tips, or lessons in a non-threatening way.


Respond to others asking for advice and provide insight or guidance to assist them in becoming better and feeling fabulous from the good deeds you can perform. 


Follow people and groups like you. Surround yourself with positive, successful go-getters who are supportive and caring and want to help improve your areas of interest. For example, invite your Grandfather to record advice, a favorite teacher, or Boss, or search for advice from your favorite influencers.


Book 1-on-1 time with your favorite advisors that can help you find the best ways to make things happen.


Set up public or private groups for you to share your expertise. Instead, it is a father setting up a private group for his children or a professional sharing their knowledge. Being asked for advice, a lesson, or a tip is flattering

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We are students, parents, peers, colleagues, neighbors,  coaches, experts, leaders, and teachers that believe collective action is needed to prevent the spread of negativity from the current social attention economy. We are focused on ushering others into the learning & creator economy to help build each other up™. We believe that self-improvement, growth, and good vibes are the way to ensure a brighter community and future. So join our movement at Sage Advice to enrich one another and leave a legacy of wisdom.  Please pay it forward. 

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